Cisco 2511 & Session-timeout problem

Isaev Gamid ( )
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 14:50:33 +0300


We have some problems:
1) on login PPP-user into system Radius-server sends to Cisco
attribute Session-Timeout=7200, but parameter absolute-timeout
for appropriate Async-line doesn't be set on Cisco.
2) Radius-server sends the same value of attribute Session-
Timeout for all PPP-session, but it would be preferable that

1) How can we make Cisco to set absolute-timeout according to
the value of attribute Session-Timeout received from Radius-server.
2) Can the Radius-server set the value of attribute
Session-Timeout=SubAccounts.TimeLeft for specified user

NAS: Cisco-2511 and IOS version 11.2
Radius: RadiusNT version 1.16.60

Thanks, Gamid Isaev

[Follow some snapshots]

Information which is sent by Radius-server to Cisco:
Framed-Protocol = PPP
User-Service = Framed-User
Session-Timeout = 7200

Information which is displayed by command 'debug' on Cisco:
Radius: Received from id 92, Access-Accept, len 38
Attribute 7 6 00000001
Attribute 6 6 00000002
Attribute 27 6 00001C20

Information which is displayed by command 'show line x' on Cisco:
#show line 3

Tty Typ Tx/Rx A Modem Roty AccO AccI Uses Noise Overruns
A 3 TTY 57600/57600 - DialIn - - - 0 1 0/0

Line 3, Location: "", Type: ""
Length: 24 lines, Width: 80 columns
Baud rate (TX/RX) is 57600/57600, no parity, 1 stopbits, 8 databits
Status: Ready, Active, Async Interface Active
Capabilities: Hardware Flowcontrol In, Hardware Flowcontrol Out
Modem RI is CD, Line is permanent async interface
Modem state: Ready
Special Chars: Escape Hold Stop Start Disconnect Activation
^^x none - - none
Timeouts: Idle EXEC Idle Session Modem Answer Session Dispatch
00:10:00 never none not set
Modem type is unknown.
Session limit is not set.
Time since activation: 00:01:09
Editing is enabled.
History is enabled, history size is 10.
Full user help is disabled
Allowed transports are pad v120 telnet rlogin. Preferred is telnet.
No output characters are padded
No special data dispatching characters
Line is running PPP for address
0 output packets queued, 1 input packets.
Async Escape map is 00000000000000000000000000000000
Modem hardware state: CTS DSR DTR RTS