Re: Merit / RadiusNT

Tony Schwartz ( )
Tue, 04 Mar 1997 10:21:44 -0800


Do you see this type of functionality coming soon to the Radius NT?

How difficult would it be to change the SQL routines inside radiusNT to
include a secondary search of another database or possibly allowing
duplicate userid's.


User: john passwd: pswd1
User: john passwd: pswd2
User: john passwd: pswd3

Can the user and passwd together make up the key so that they can be
queried as different records assumming they have different passwds?

I realize this probably violates some RFC but it would sure work cool for
people trying to bring together multiple user files.

Tony Schwartz

At 02:36 AM 3/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
> As requested, I have done a bit of digging into the source code
>for Merit Radius to attempt to discover what is causing it to fail
>authentication when passing certain Radius Attributes.
> I found out that Merit has released a new server called their
>"AAA" server, which is esentially Merit Version 2.4.23C. I sloughed this
>down, compiled it, ported it to RedHat and set it up.
>Guess what? Proxying works 100% fine in this version. No additional
>changes are neccessary to get it working! I'm now succesfully
>authenticating via the RadiusNT server and "user" off of
>the original Linux box.
>This, now, allows us to migrate our user base slowly over to the new
>system, at our leisure, without having to worry about mass hysteria.
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