Xyplex MAXServer 1620

O'Leary, Paul ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 14:35:26 +1000

I am running the latest release of RadiusNT on NT Server 4.0 together
with a 20 port Xyplex MAXServer 1620 (V6.0.1) and using the supplied
Access 7.0 .mdb file. RadiusNT is running as a service and framed PPP
users are being authenticed and logged on no problems. However I am
experiencing two problems:

I am not recieving any accounting information at all. There doesnt
appear to be any configuration parameter on the 1620 for the UDP
accounting port (1646) to be nominated. Packet traces dont show any
accounting information flow between the 1620 and the Radius server.

I cant get any form of dialback connection working via the Radius
server. It is possible using TFTP and modem script files, however this
is the configuration I am trying to get away from

I would appreciate feedback from anyone using a Xyplex terminal server
and Radius.

Paul O'Leary
AUSTA Electric
Brisbane Australia