RE: Adding new Users to Radius when running

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Wed, 26 Feb 97 11:10:27 EST5EDT

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>Thank you so much for responding to this question.

>Maybe I could ask another question. Sounds like
>RadiusNT can only authenticate users from the 'users'
>file and not from ODBC/SQL database?

>So to add a new user, you ;
> 1-add them to the database (ODBC/SQL)
> 2-regenerate a 'users' file (ascii text file)
> 3-radlogin newusername newuserpassword

I don't know from ODBC/SQL as of yet, but from what I do know, your
steps 1,2,3 should work.
I write to the users file from a perl script, then *reload*.
I also have the script write to other files, so I can keep track of
users...knowing full well that as we get more users I will need to deal
with a more robust database management system(QSL).

-------john cummings