Re: Adding new Users to Radius when running

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Wed, 26 Feb 97 09:49:58 EST5EDT

I had the same problem, and solved it with two lines of perl:

chdir("c:/radius"); #goto radius directory#
exec 'radlogin *reload* xxx'; #force a reload#

where there exists a user as such in the users file:

*reload* Password = "xxx"

You need to have a servers file,etc (see docs) to run radload.exe.
I also have my path (on an nt) set to include directions to my radius
directory; else;
exec 'c:\\radius\\radlogin *reload* xxx';
should work as well.
I need the chdir() so that radlogin can find the files it needs.
I run the script (a form handler) when new users sign up to my server
<form action="path to script">
It has not been fully tested, but so far seems to work...hope this

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>I'm new to the world of NT radius, The On-line
>Service I work is just starting to test out NTradius.
>We also have the Ascend modified version of radius
>running on a Red Hat Linux server.

>With the Linux Radius I'm able to edit the User file
>and the users are automatically added to radius
>because it read the file for every request, But with
>NT Radius when I add users it doesn't see them until I
>restart NT Radius, is there any way around this

>Joe Stevens
>The Quest Online Service

-------john cummings