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Mauricio Marquez ( )
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 02:33:47 -0600

At 09:25 AM 24/02/97 +0100, you wrote:
>I used radadmin to configure the registry:
>authentication: only ignore case
>accounting: require secret
>Mode: ODBC and Text file
>Debug: all selected
>DSN: Radius
>Options: none
>Directories and files:
> data directory: c:\radius
> accounting: c:\radius\acct
> user file: Users
>Security: radius

Thanks, I was referring to something like:

aaa new-model
aaa authentication ppp default radius local
aaa accounting network start-stop radius

aaa authentication ppp default if-authenticated

for the cisco...and about how to install the .bin file (upgrade) for the IOS.



>Hope info is sufficient
>Juergen W. Dobler
>From: Dale E. Reed Jr.[]
>Sent: 24 February 1997 08:55
>Subject: Re: Dr. Watson error
>Juergen W. Dobler wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Last week I downloaded RadiusNT .60 and Emerald 2.0.75.
>> I installed RadiusNT as a service on Winnt 4.0 (SP 2) using the ODBC
interface connecting to SQL Server 6.5. I configured our Cisco 2511 to
authenticate and account using radius. Everything went fine up to there.
>> The first time I dial up I get authenticated and accounting works, too.
No problem at all here. But when I disconnect and another user attempts to
dial-in (at the moment I am simulating the situation myself), Dr. Watson
brings up an access violation error and the service terminates.
>> The following is registered in the eventlog:
>> The exception generated was c0000005 at address 00419353 (<nosymbols>).
>> Urgent help required
>What options do you have enabled and what command line options
>are you using?
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