missing entries in some start and stop records

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Sat, 22 Feb 1997 22:10:41 -0500

On Friday 2/21, I upgraded the software in my Max 4004 from version 4.6Cp11
to 5.0A (file: tm.m40) and it appears that everything went smoothly,
however with 4 users, I'm missing some data that should have gone in with
the start and stop records. I ran this SQL script to see what info is
missing from the calls table:

select * from calls
where calldate >= "Feb 21 12:37PM 1997"
and (username = "graylane" or username = "moon" or username = "rtunnell" or
username = "gsgppp")
order by username

After peering at the data for a while, I haven't come across anything
conclusive as to what's causing this, but here's what's missing or unusual
about the calls:

NASPorts: varied / normal -- problems aren't associated with any
particular port.
CallDate: varied / normal -- problems aren't associated with any
particular date/time.
UserName: only the 4 users mentioned in the script have been affected
Start: (null) -- this is normally 1
Stop: 1
Start: (null)
Stop: 0 -- this is normally some other number
AscendPreOutputPackets: (same as above)
AscendDisconnetCause: (varied -- 11, 45, 100, 185)
AscendDataRate: (varied -- 9600, 19200, 24000, 26400, 28800
one user actually has a 9600 bps modem which
accounts for that low speed)

Operating systems used by the 4 users affected:
Windows NT 3.51 using modem pooling
Windows 3.1 (9600bps modem) -- "rtunnell"

All other records appear to be "normal" -- these include records for all
users prior to the upgrade and also all users after the upgrade, with the
exception of the 4 previously mentioned users. "rtunnell" had 2 "normal"
sessions after the upgrade--the others were abnormal.
To the best of my knowledge, none of the users have any problems online
that are associated with the missing data.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening?
I'd attach the results of the above script, but the data takes up 17k...

I'm using:
Ascend Max 4004 5.0A
RadiusNT .52 running as a service
RadAttributes and RadValues have been updated in accordance with
the latest Ascend RADIUS dictionary

Thanks for any help!,