New listing of Ascend-Disconnect-Cause values

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Sat, 22 Feb 1997 20:13:35 -0500

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This complete listing of values and descriptions for
"Ascend-Disconnect-Cause" is not in the Max manual nor is it online. As of
the release of 5.0A for the Max, I noticed an Ascend-Disconnect-Cause of
185 pop up periodically, so I called up Ascend and asked them about it. No
one knew what it was because they had no listings for it in any of their
docs, so the tech that I was talking to took off for a few minutes to go
hunt down someone who handles RADIUS, and he found a brand new listing on a
RADIUS tech's desk and faxed it to me. I retyped the whole thing in
notepad (NT 4.0) and have attatched it for anyone who will find it useful.

NOTE: There is nothing listed for an Ascend-Disconnect-Cause = 1,
however, I've noticed that a 1 will show up anytime that I
disconnect ("hang-up") a user from my Max 4004 console (via
telnet or VT-100 terminal). This was evident even before the
OS upgrade to 5.0A.

Josh Hillman
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1 notApplicable
2 unknown reason unknown
3 disconnected call disconnected
4 clidAuthFailed CLID auth failed
5 clidAuthServTimeout RADIUS timeout during CLID

Modem connections

10 noModemNoCarrier no carrier detected ever
11 noModemLossCarrier DCD detected but went inactive
12 noModemResultCodes fail to detect modem result codes

Terminal server sessions

20 tsUserExit user exited terminal server
21 tsIdleTimeout timeout waiting for user input
22 tsExitTelnet disconnect due to exiting telnet
23 tsNoIPAddr could not switch to SLIP/PPP; remote
has no IP address or could not assign
24 tsExitTcp disconnect due to exiting raw TCP
25 tsPassWordFail bad passwords
26 tsRawTCPDisable raw TCP disabled
27 tsControlC control-C char detected
28 tsDestroyed terminal server destroyed
29 tsClosedVirtualConnect user terminated a virtual cnnection
to a modem
30 tsVirtualConnectDestroyed a virtual connection to a modem was
terminated but not by user
31 tsExitRlogin rlogin done
32 tsRloginBadOption bad rlogin command line option
33 tsErrorResource not enough resources
35 mpNullMessageTimeout failed to receive a NULL MP message

PPP sessions

40 pppLcpTimeout PPP LCP negotiation timed out
41 pppLcpNegotiateFail PPP LCP negotiation failed
42 pppPAPAuthFail PPP PAP authentication failed
43 pppCHAPAuthFail PPP CHAP authentication failed
44 pppRemoteAuthFail PPP remote authentication failed
45 pppRcvTerminate PPP receive Terminate Request from
far end
46 pppCloseEvent upper layer requested a Close

Normal or graceful disconnects

47 pppCloseNoNcpsOpened LCP closed because no NCPs were
opened (e.g. NCP negotiation failed)
48 pppCloseUnknownMpBundle LCP closed because could not
determine which MP bundle to add
user to
49 pppCloseMpAddChanFail LCP closed because could not add more
channels to MP session

Immediate TCP/telnet disconnect reasons

50 tsExitErrTooMany session tables full
51 tsExitErrResource resources full
52 tsExitErrInvalidIP IP address is invalid
53 tsExitErrHostName cannot resolve hostname
54 tsExitErrBadPort bad or missing port number
60 tsExitErrHostReset host reset
61 tsExitErrConnRefused connection was refused
62 tsExitErrTimedOut connection timed out
63 tsExitErrClosed connection closed by foreign host
64 tsExitErrNetUnreach network unreachable
65 tsExitErrHostUnreach host unreachable
66 tsExitErrNetAdminUnreach network administratively unreachable
67 tsExitErrHostAdminUnreach host administratively unreachable
68 tsExitErrPortUnreach port unreachable

Misc reasons

100 sessTimeOut session timed out
101 sessFailSecurity session failed for security reasons
(e.g. incoming call for a call-out
only profile)
102 sessCallback session terminated due to callback
120 invalidProtocol call refused, detected protocol is
150 requestByRadiusClient disconnect requested by a RADIUS
151 localAdmin disconnect requested by the local
160 v110Timeout timeout, resync retries exceeded
170 pppAuthTimeout timeout waiting trying to authenticate
180 userCallClearRequest user performed call clear via
Do Hangup
185 remoteEndHungUp signal loss from remote end
190 resourceQuiesced resource has been quiesced
195 maxCallDurationReached max connect time reached