Re: users update

Tommy Cheng ( )
Thu, 20 Feb 1997 21:25:34 -0800

I thought we could also update the password through *reload*, but I
could be wrong. When there are changes made to users file, be whatever
that is, I just *reload* to update the information. But of course, I
haven't done that since I use ODBC mode quite some times back....

Tommy Cheng

Erik Lundby wrote:
> Well Since we just had this conversation, do you mean reload the users
> file? Or do you mean make changes to the users file such as changing
> password? If you mean the latter, it's not yet available and will not be
> available in the public release. (only in a release to emerald users). If
> you mean just reload the users file, create a user with login name
> (*reload*) and log in as that user. You can either do a standard login or
> use radlogin. This will reload your users file.
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