Unix /etc/password file in NT

Daniel Beaudry ( Daniel.Beaudry@Enter-Net.com )
Thu, 20 Feb 1997 10:38:49 -0500

Hello folks!

Recently I installed Radius NT. I worked around with the users file to
test the server with radlogin. It worked perfectely!

Now, I want to use radiusNT as an alternate radius server, as my main
radius server runs under Solaris on a Sun. I use the /etc/passwd and
/etc/shadow file to authenticate the users.

I download my /etc/passwd file to my NT box, and managed to put the
secret password from the shadow file to the passwd file.

When I test one of the user that is setup in the /etc/passwd file, it
looks like there is no link between RadiusNT and the file that is in the
folder c:\etc\passwd.

B.T.W., is this file is at the correct location?
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