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Sam Dibrell, Jr. ( )
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 02:37:47 -0600

Access has the ability to replicate itself to any computer on your LAN (or
a laptop for that matter). The only problem I forsee with this process is
that the user account will no longer be activated immediately (on both
servers) due to the fact that the files are copied on a particular
schedule. You could esentially have it replicate every 10 minutes or so,
but I hope you have a 100 MBPS LAN :)
You can find out about replication in the TOOLS --> REPLICATION menu of

Also as a side note to all those using Access...don't forget to compact
your database on a fairly regular basis. It can grow quite large very
quickly with multiple staff adding/changing user information. We got up to
130 MB (with 5000 users) and RADIUS started to show 2000ms+ ODBC latency.
After a compact, the DB was down to 4 MB (yep..4 MB) and ODBC was back to

Hope this helps....

Sam Dibrell, Jr.
System Administrator
South Texas Internet Connections, Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

At 10:01 AM 2/19/97 GMT+2, you wrote:
>I am currently using Access 97 for radius and working 100%
>I have a backup authentication server, but share the same radius
>*.mdb file. on the primary server. This actually defeats the whole
>purpose of having a backup server, because if the main one is down,
>the backup server can't use the file anyway.
>The one way I got it working is to copy the file to the backup
>server, but now if I add a user to the Main server I have to copy the
>file again.
>Is there anyway around this ?
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