Eric Fagan ( (no email) )
Tue, 27 May 1997 22:14:32 -0600

I use OPTI-UPS, made by the folks who make ViewSonic equipment (monitors). . They're decent, come with
management software, 3yr warranty, replaceable battery etc. They talk via
standard serial ports. Depending on what you need for survival time, they
come from small 650's to 1400's which will keep a server up for extended
periods, (depending on load, of course). I use 1400's on the servers &
650's on the workstations. Understand that a ton of your amp draw is going
to be from monitors (esp 17+'s). Make sure that your monitors are shut off
when you're away -- otherwise, even the baddest of UPS's will die rather
quickly during those nighttime nightmares - leaving people calling you at
3:48 a.m...

: From: PearlNet Admin <>
: Subject: UPS
: Date: Tuesday, May 27, 1997 9:30 PM
: Hi,
: Does anyone have a recommendation for a good UPS for a couple of servers?