Re: Login prompt

Petar Nikolich ( )
Sun, 25 May 1997 23:20:05 -0000

Nt does not have a telnet server in built. I gather you were trying to
do this on the network or by modem. Either way you will have no luck.

Via modem you need to do a PPP login (chap,mschap etc) or whatever
is supported by RAS.

If you want to access the server via a network connection you will
have to find and install a telnet server daemon.

You may want to purchase a basic book on NT.


From: Danny Sinang <>
To: ''
Subject: Login prompt
Date: Monday, 26 May 1997 7:13

I tried logging into my NT 4.0 server PC using a Linux machine ( to use NT as a gateway
to the Internet ). I was expecting a login prompt ( text 'login: ') but nothing appeared.

Can anybody tell me why ?

- Danny Sinang

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