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Fri, 23 May 1997 22:50:08 -0500

heheh we WERE using PO2.0 and have just moved to NTMail....the product is
100 times better I must say and I am glad to dump PO with their "plan" =
was purchased by our company with an unlimited license and that should be

However, that's all out of our hair now and they won't see another dime
from us or any of the consulting we do.

NTMail is an awesome product.

On Fri, 23 May 1997 13:22:48 -0500, Duane Schaub so eloquently wrote:

>I totally aggree with these individuals and cannot wait to dump P.U. =
>It was nifty a year ago, but doesn't hold a candle to some of the newer
>services. the email-fax service is an important one that we have been
>asked to provide by several companies. Further More, *I CANNOT BELIEVE*
>the cost and completely inadequate response to the spamming problem. We
>are a small ISP, but have been Spam-denied atleast four times that I =
know of!
>If you fix these problems, Let me know. If you come up with a free
>competetive upgrade I might be interested in the future, but for now my
>upgrade dinero is going to replace P.O with a fully functional email =
>From the Disenchanted Masses,
>[Gratuitous Rant Included because you deserve it!]
>>Message-Id: <>
>>Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 20:25:51 -0500
>>To: Zack.Towner@software.com (Zack Towner)
>>From: randy@austintx.net (Randy Martin)
>>Subject: Re: post.office 3.0 Upgrade
>At 04:10 PM 5/19/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>I can understand that you would not want to lose the ability to=20
>>have an unlimited license, and that as a business decision you may=20
>>decide to look at other products. We do appreciate your business and=20
>>it is certainly not our intent to alienate you. However, I do not see
>>why you think that moving to Post.Office 3.0 is a downgrade? =
>>3.0 is a much improved product in all areas, including the anti-spam =
>>that is being introduced this month, yes we do listen to our customers.
>>Any feedback you have in this area is appreciated.
>>Zack Towner
>Give me an UNLIMITED-mailbox license (which is what I paid for =
>for the $500 upgrade price, and I might be interested.
>However, I can tell you that you guys are lagging FAR behind in =
>Where is email-to-fax capability? Where is email-to-alphapager =
>Where is a fully functional, complete web interface to email (not just =
>administrative interface)?
>What you are telling me (and all your other users) is that it took you =
>two years to get a list server working! You basically have no other
>additional features that we can use.
>You should have fixed the spam bug MONTHS ago! What are the users =
>to do that have supported you this far, but are not wanting to upgrade? =
>we just supposed to live with the spam bug? We feel that your company =
>just decided to abandon your existing users in favor of new users. We
>shouldn't have to upgrade just to get a bug fixed in your program!
>Also, the fact that the program is faster is just gravy, as far as I'm
>concerned. Email is not one of those instananeous things. If it takes a
>little longer to deliver the mail, so be it. But, additional features to
>enhance my ability to provide additional services to my customers =
>that I can make additional income from) is really important. I can't
>believe that the only real additional feature in P.O. 3.0 (besides the
>traditional bells and whistles of all upgrades) is a list server! Other
>mail servers have had list servers for months (some have had them for
>years). I'm very disappointed in software.com. I feel that you have been
>promising us a list server for almost two years and have not delivered.
>Now, we get to spend MORE money (a substantially large amount of money) =
>a product that offers us fewer total mailboxes and no additional useful
>features other than a list server.
>>At 02:19 AM 5/19/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>>As an existing user of post.office, and as one of your earliest =
>>>I am not very pleased with the newly-announced upgrade policy. When I
>>>purchased post.office in January of 1996, I purchased an UNLIMITED =
>>>version of the program. The pricing for your product is one of the =
>>>reasons that I decided to purchase post.office and not some other =
>>>Now, you're telling me that I must pay another $500 ($995 - $495) for =
>>>upgrade to a lesser product than I purchased in the first place! This
>>>sounds like a DOWNGRADE to me -- and an expensive one at that!!
>>>Why would I want to do this? Just to throw $500 away for something =
>>>than I have now? I don't think so!! This "upgrade" offer is an insult =
>>>all your existing customers. WE are the reason that you are still in
>>>business! Don't you people get it? We went out on a limb in the =
>>>invested $500 in a brand new product that was unproven at the time, =
>>>kept you in business so that you could screw us over with this =
>>>If you are trying to get rid of your existing customers, you are going=
>>>succeed beyond your wildest dreams! I am probably NOT going to =
purchase the
>>>upgrade to post.office. If I have to spend another $500 for an email
>>>server, I'm going to spend it for one that has all the functionality =
that I
>>>need -- even if I have to pay a little more to get it. For about $875 =
I can
>>>get IMail from Ipswitch -- unlimited mailboxes, list server, =
>>>mail-to-alphapager, complete web interface to email (not just the =
>>>part -- I mean reading and managing the mail via the web). Sounds like=
>>>MUCH better deal, doesn't it?? Why should I give you the $500 and get
>>>screwed over?
>>>I think a lot of your existing users are going to come the same =
>>>This slap-in-the-face to your existing customers, plus the fact that =
>>>had to wait almost two years for the promised list server, plus your =
>>>of responsiveness to the spamming problem in post.office is going to =
>>>you a lot of customers.
>>>I'm really going to miss my post.office! I'm grown to really like the
>>>program over the last year and a half. But, I'm not going to stand by =
>>>allow myself to get totally screwed by some half-witted marketing =
>>>on your part.
>>>A very disillusioned, former customer,
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