Re: Warning, Potential Problems with NT4.0 SP2

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Thu, 22 May 1997 23:43:43 -0500

I have 7 NT 4.0 servers that have ran without a hitch every since SP2 came
out.. You may have one specfic dll or file that is causing your problem..
but .. SP2 is out of date anyway... SP3 was released last week..

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> Subject: Warning, Potential Problems with NT4.0 SP2
> Date: Tuesday, January 21, 1997 2:51 PM
> Based on my experiences this past weekend, I'm recommending that Service
> Pack 2 for NT 4.0 NOT be installed on NT 4.0 Server.
> All three of the servers I have installed SP2 on have run fine for a
> time (a few hours to a few days) then crawled to a near stop.
> like NT Explorer, My Computer, and Control Panel start taking 3-10
> to start, with intermittent disk activity during the wait. Other
> applications just "freeze", becoming completely unresponsive when you try
> to navigate your file system to find and open a file. In one case, I
> Wordpad "up" overnight to see if it would ever come back. After 10 hours
> it was still frozen. An examination of the tasks which are running on
> system (using Task Manager or Performance Monitor) usually reveals one
> process (seemingly picked at random) which is occupying 95-99% of the
> available CPU time. Once this behavior begins to appear, it never goes
> away, even with a reboot.
> I have also started seeing many similar reports from other individuals
> companies who are running NT4.0 SP2 in the NT mail lists I monitor,
> convincing me that this is NOT an isolated incident.
> I have run McAfee Virus Scan (Nov 96 sig. file) on two of the three
> with no hits.
> I uninstalled SP2 on the one server I had access to this weekend, and it
> appears to have solved the problem. This server is now running NT Server
> 4.0 SP1. Time will tell if the problem is really solved... I will be
> reverting the other two servers over the next couple of days.
> The three systems involved have differing configurations:
> 1) Corsair Pro, Intel P133, 32MB, IIS2.0, L.Kahn's NT port of Bind-DNS
> 4.9.4p1, 2x2.1GB Quantum EIDE HD, IE3.01, Kernel Hotfix applied (post
> 2) Generic based on Intel Triton board, Intel P120, 16MB, IIS3.0, MS
> Server (release version) configured for autodial, L.Kahn's NT port of
> Bind-DNS 4.9.5, 1x3.0GB Western Digital HD, IE3.01, RAS (configured for
> dial-out only) This system also began automatically dialing out on the
> modem anytime the system was up, whether Proxy Server was running or not,
> with no discernible pattern. Both the RAS and Kernel Post SP2 hotfixes
> been applied. This is the system which was backed up to SP1, and MS
> was removed.
> 3) Compaq Pro??? 2500 (big mother server), Intel P200, 164MB, IIS2.0,
> L.Kahn's port of Bind-DNS 4.9.5, Compaq Fast SCSI Wide II array of 5 2.1
> drives, Compaq SSD 1.20a, RAS (configured for both dial-in and dial-out),
> IE3.01.
> If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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