Re: Front page 97

Eric Fagan ( (no email) )
Wed, 14 May 1997 18:50:04 -0600

Could you elaborate on "get checked out by MS" & "have some nice additional
features?" Are you saying that these FP97 extentions can do more if MS
looks you over, or that a FP client can enabled with more features than
currently show on the menus, or... ? Are there "registered only" features

Someone else was mentioning that virtual hosts MUST be created on the same
tree level has the Inetpub directory. Is this a physical limitation or
desired method for additional security?


> From: Robin Galyan <>
> Subject: Re: Front page 97
> Date: Wednesday, May 14, 1997 6:00 PM
> Your customer should have the ability to publish his FP web on your site
> even if you dont have the extensions installed. If you do intall them,
> and register and get checked out by mickeysoft, then you, and he have
> some nice additional features to offer, and some other neat toys.
> (Thats really what its all about isnt it? d|-)
> ___
> > >>One of the things that most people miss is how it MUST be setup.
> > >>Virtual directories have to be on the same level as wwwroot
> > >>under the inetpub directory.