Re: 56k Routers

John David M. Miller ( (no email) )
Wed, 14 May 1997 11:32:25 -0400

I looked at the Pipeline 50 LS56 on Solunet's web site.
We are not running a Max and from what I was reading
it appeared that we might need one (Max) at our end?

I was under the impression that I could attach one of the
56k Router CSU/DSU combo units to the ethernet hubs
on each end. Connect the 56k line at each end, and we would
be all set. Do I need additional equipment?

I realize that I would also need to configure the router on
the client end with an IP address that they would use as
a gateway. I assume that I would need to assign another
address for the router at our end. Both would be entered
in the DNS.

Have I thought this through correctly? Thanks for the advice.

John David M. Miller

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From: Daniel Wood <>
Date: Tuesday, May 13, 1997 11:11 PM
Subject: Re: 56k Routers

>We have been using the Ascend pipelines at the customer end and we have
>a couple Ascend Maxs at our end.