Re: Upgrade from 1 cpu to 2 cpus

Mike Mazurek ( )
Wed, 14 May 1997 07:41:24 -0400

There is a program in the Windows NT 4.0 Server resource
Kit that
is supposed to allow you to upgram from uni to multi

I will tell you when I ran it. I had the unfortunate
problem that the
machine Blue Screened and I had to totally reinstall
everything that was running..

In other words, if you try it back everything up! including
the registry..

From: Joe Bissot <>
Date: Wednesday, May 14, 1997 5:00 AM
Subject: Upgrade from 1 cpu to 2 cpus

>I want to add a second processor to my main server. It
already has a dual
>capable motherboard. Under 3.51 adding the second cpu
would create an
>instant blue screen of death, you would then have to
upgrade (reinstall) to
>change the hal. Is 4.0 the same way?
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