Re: Win 31 Dial In

Petar Nikolich ( )
Tue, 13 May 1997 19:06:50 -0000


Settings -> Control Panel -> Network

Choose RAS from the network services page and click on the [NETWORK]
button and set "Encryption Settings" to "Allow any.." and your win 3.x clients
will now be able to connect.

It appears that the dialler shipped with IE for win 3.x does not support anything
but cleartext login.

This problem took me 3 days of f#cking misery before I worked it out.

I'd be suprised if it is anything else.



> From: Na'eem Jeenah <>
> To:
> Subject: Win 31 Dial In
> Date: Tuesday, 13 May 1997 18:40
> We have a problem with Win 3.1 clients.
> We prepared and distributed software with IEAK (3.2). When the user
> dials in, at the point when the user name and password are being
> verified the modem hangs up with the ffg message:
> "Could not negotiate dial in connection (timeout)"
> We have zoltrix 33.6 modems on our side (if that makes a difference).
> When we get the client to dial in to one of our POPs (our upstream
> provider) - No Problem!
> What's wrong with us? Please help.
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