Re: Front page 97

James C Watts ( )
Mon, 12 May 1997 23:09:45 -0500

You can map a virual directory like to anywhere.
Our user folder is just on c:\ and each user has a webpage folder under
their personal dir. In IIS you can just map is to that Dir and as long as
they have the right file there (aka default.htm) there should be no
problem. Now as far as front page, I have no idea. We did have a lot of
problems getting someone using MSPub to be able to upload from there. But
eventually we got that one fixed.

At 04:35 PM 5/12/1997 -0400, you wrote:
>One of the things that most people miss is how it MUST be setup.
>Virtual directories have to be on the same level as wwwroot
>under the inetpub directory.
>Also MS has a minimum permissions site on their site. Sorry,
>I don't have the url handy.
>Jeffrey Betts wrote:
>> Can anyone tell me what rights a person needs
>> to the directory there web page is in to be able
>> to upload a web from front page 97 ? The rights
>> I have on the directory are.Administrators Full Control
>> Guests Change, IUSR_SERVER1 Change and the
>> users name Change. I just keep getting errors when
>> I try to upload. The latest error is "Server Error No Web Named "".
>> Any help would be great.
>> Thanks
>> Jeff Betts
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