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Mon, 12 May 1997 00:07:40 -0700

Did that, already gave them a call spent some cash just so they can
come up with a solution.


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>> Ok. This says "ESTABLISHED connection". Did the person testing
>> have prior authentication to your system? I know how to crash lots
>> unix systems if you give me an account on them, and can reak havoc
on NT
>> systems with a NETBIOS connection. But I have to be IN. If you
>> forward the source, i'll see about compiling it on NT and see what
>> happens
>> on some tests here.
>The person who ran the program from one of the Unix servers at his
>(friend of mine), did it directly from that machine, not related to
>authenticated by) our system in any way.
>He just simply entered in the IP address that I told him I was
assigned at
>the time (both times) and each time he did it it instantly crashed
>machine running 95 and NT.
>I just emailed you the code a minute ago...

this needs to be brought to microsoft's attention...perhaps a hotfix
is in

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