Re: Redirect by IP internal customers.

Brad Albrecht ( )
Sat, 10 May 1997 20:32:19 -0700

Based on your first message, I got the impression that you would know the
IP address of the internal users. If this is so, you can use the
HTTP_REMOTE_ADDR variable to tell you what the client's IP address was,
then show them a page accordingly. You can use a scripting languare to
move them, or just have ASP put a meta tag in to refresh to another page
immediately. This way, it does not matter what browser they are using. If
you need to know though, you can use the HTTP_USER_AGENT variable to tell you.

If you are planning on writing pages with ASP (or not) I found Allair's
HomeSite to be very excellent. It knows how to work with ColdFusion too,
since they own that too. You can get a free working demo (50 uses) at Hope this helps.


>I was planning on us ASP, does anyone know if ASP can detect through
>any browser?