RE: ftp with virtual servers

Stuart Stevenson ( )
Thu, 8 May 1997 13:56:09 -0500

You can download via http and skip the ftp service altogether if you
just want to download files from a web page. Just make a link to the
download file with a standard A HREF tag. If the file is an
executable, you may need to put it in a directory which IIS has marked
as READ and not execute. Otherwise, the web server may try to run it
rather than download it.

To do ftp, you still won't need multi-homing ftp. Simply reference the
file's A HREF tag to

If, after all that hot air, you still want virtual ftp servers, you can
check out War ftp. It's freeware that I have found much more flexible
and reliable than IIS. It's at

good luck :-)

>From: PearlNet Admin[]
>Sent: Thursday, May 08, 1997 1:35 AM
>Subject: ftp with virtual servers
>I need some general info on ftp with virtual servers.
>I need to be able to config. NT4 using IIS3 to transfer files in a
>directory on a virtual server via a web page link. Such as, a user
>click on a link in a Browser and the file would download to him/her.
>From what I can see, the MS ftp server IIS control panel does not allow
>to specify a virtual ftp server IP address. I can assign an ftp alias
>the root, but that's about it. It does me no good for a virtual server.
>How are others handling this matter? I have serv-u ftp on another
>and was reading some about multi-homing with it. Will serv-u handle
>Browser side for downloading as it does with direct downloading via a
>client? Is this the best approach at this time?
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