NTMail & Users

Jared Groves ( (no email) )
Wed, 7 May 1997 21:12:15 -0400

Hi all....I am seriously considering purchasing NTMail except for 1 little
problem (I think I am retarded) ...I can't get the virtual domains to
recognize users. The mail server pukes. I am using the NT SAM ...and my
primary domain (de-inc.com) works just fine. However, when I try and send
a message to say gardelsoftware.com ...it rejects teh user. In the user
manager...I am setting the demo user (me) to the group gardelsoftware.com
and I have the IP setup the same as it is on the web server (hosting that
part of the virtual site) ...any thoughts? Whenever I try and send a
message it says that the mail server denied the message...this has been an
ongoing battle, so if anyone has any suggestions for other servers...I
would be more then happy to try it...thanks