Re: Netmask Question

Daryl Banttari ( )
Tue, 06 May 1997 09:52:42 -0500

Mark A. Knight wrote:
> This is a basic IP netmask question, but, possibly the answer to a few of the problems I am currently experiencing. If you have 2 or more Class C addresses (e.g. & on the same network, what should the netmask be?

The netmask would be in this case; if you had four class
"C" addresses, the netmask would be Note that to combine
two "C"s together, the low one needs to be even (so the example you gave
would NOT work) and to bind four class "C"s together, the lowest subnet
number would have to be a multiple of four. And, of course, they have
to be contiguous.

Also note that not all IP stacks support supernetting. For example,
you'd have to download Novell's latest TCPIP.NLM off their web site in
order to do this.

For more info, check out my TCP/IP Primer at


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