Troy Hall ( (no email) )
Sat, 3 May 1997 22:25:48 -0700

boy do I have a ton of questions for anyone using IIS and merchant server.

1) sql 6.5 asked if I needed the executive running @ boot time?

2) I had to reinstall NT on the PDC and I remember b4 telling it to go
ahead and start all the services without logging anyone in, but now it
stops running until someone logs in.
where is that setting?

3) recently users are telling me that they get a "authentification" screen
when they go to my site. why?

4) MCIS wants ILS and address book server both installed, but it says it
wan'ts it on seperate machines?

5) why would you want to, and how would you go about, running IIS on 2
different machines?
I have a pdc and bdc and wanted to put some extra programs on each machine
so that no one machine was doing all the work, but they all seem to want

6) I was having a friend try my ftp the other day, and while he had
permission in the root dir to rw, I specifically gave him only read
permission on one of the folders, and yet he was still able to write.

I'm using nt4.0 with sp2 and fp97 with security updates.

Troy Hall
Lemoore Computers and Internet Services