Re: E-mail reader with WWW interface ?

Dave Smith ( (no email) )
Sat, 3 May 1997 23:17:05 +0100

Hi There,

Go to http://www.(Yourdomain).com:8383 with the Imail running. A login
screen will appear. Type your login name and password. If you are logging
into the administrative mailbox you can also add/delete users, check stats,
etc. If it is a normal user account you can check, send, delete, mail. You
can also set up vacation message, forward mail, change password and so on.
Read the docs for more help. I know this works on Imail. I use it everyday.

The web email is an added extension which i think you will find costs extra
money, i just checked out, which says the web-email is an
addon to the server.

Do a demo of it on there site at: using a www


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