NT mem leaks

Eric Fagan ( (no email) )
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 17:56:49 -0600

Are there any decent gnu/shareware/freeware type tools for tracking down
memory leaks under NT4? I've got a 128 MB machine that keeps losing
memory, & it's now down to almost 2 reboots per day to keep it going....
The task manager has no idea where any of this memory has gone. It lists
around 20 processes, but those don't add up to more than 20-30 megs....
The pagefile was 64 MB min, 128 max, & never used anything more than 64,
even when dumping due to no resources - (I've just bumped it to 128/256).
I understand there's some good utils for tracking down these holes in the
nt4 reskit, but my copy is still in the mail (they say...) :-( The only
services of note that are running are IIS3 FTP & WWW, & the machine has got
SP2 & the RPC CPU hotfix.

Eric Fagan