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EMWAC....it's free..and it's fast

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Date: Friday, April 25, 1997 4:46 AM

From: "Ciro Vera" <cirovera@Interaccess.cl>
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Subject: Mail Server

Hi 'all
I'm need a Mail server for NT 4.0 with the main characteristics
Windows NT Users Integrated
Virtual Domains

Can Any recommend one ?

I've recently searched the WEB for NT4 mail servers. My results are:

Dropbox - www.dropbox.com
WorldMail - www.eudora.com
Imail Server for Win NT - www.ipswitch.com/pd_imailserver.html
Post.Office for Win NT4 - www.rupc.com.au
Rockliffe MailSite - www.rockliffe.com/mailsite.htm

Hope this gives you a starting place. All programs have a similar price
and they have lots of info on their pages and down load copies for testing.



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