not an accurate conclusion to draw (was) Re: Network Solutions is OUT!

Gordon Cook ( )
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 16:23:02 -0400 (EDT)

I will make this statement only. I am not a big fan of NSI....nor am i a
big detractor. fact is that just because NSF had a member (george Strawn)
on the IAHC committee and bordogna made nice remarks about IAHC..... these
facts do not mean NSI is out of the .com .net and .org registration

The cooperative agreement will end and they will in all liklihood still be
issuing .com, etc....they will not fold their tents and go
away....not hardly.

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On Wed, 23 Apr 1997, Jeff Woods wrote:

> Domain names out of
> NSF's hands
> By Margie Wylie
> April 23, 1997, 12:15 p.m. PT
> The National Science Foundation will bow out of
> assigning domain names no later than March 1998,
> the federal agency announced today.
> In response to an internal report generated in
> February and made public today, acting deputy
> director Joseph Bordogna said the NSF will not
> renew its InterNIC agreement with Network
> Solutions, the private company that assigns global
> top-level domains such as ".com" and ".org" under
> agreement with the federal agency. Network
> Solutions' agreement ends in March 1998.
> Instead, the NSF will "focus its attention on the
> challenges and opportunities of the next-generation
> Internet in support of education in science and
> engineering," Bordogna said in a prepared statement
> today.
> Just what will become of the domain name-assigning
> business handled by the InterNIC, however, is
> unclear. Though the NSF clearly indicated it will not
> continue with the responsibility, it is still working on
> a plan to privatize domain naming with oversight
> from a more "appropriate agency," long speculated
> to be the Federal Communications Commission.
> The statement also said that the transition plans
> would be made in cooperation with the Clinton
> administration, which has assembled an interagency
> task force chaired by the Office of Management and
> Budget last month, to study the issue.
> Bordogna's response to the report mentioned
> several two of the three competing plans to privatize
> domain name registration. Though he didn't say he
> favored one plan over another, the International Ad
> Hoc Committee (IAHC) was described glowingly,
> Network Solution's recent plan was mentioned
> briefly, and the independent Extended Domain
> Name Service (eDNS) Coalition was snubbed
> altogether.
> Representatives from the White House, Network
> Solutions and IAHC were not immediately available
> for comment.
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