Re: IIS Problem

Jeff Woods ( )
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 11:53:51 -0400

At 11:30 AM 4/22/97 -500, you wrote:

>I try to map a virtual directory which is on another server and I
>consistently get an Access Denied error. It doesn't matter which box
>or drive or folder that I try to map to, I get the same message. FAT
>or NTFS makes no difference.
>The only virtuals that I can successfully map are on the same machine
>as IIS.

Correct. What user is the IIS service running as? Remember, SERVICES do
not have access to the mapped drives that logged-on users do, unless you
really tweak the config. I'm not SURE about this, but you may be able to
have IIS run as a specific user in the domain, and then refer to the remote
drives by server name, so long as that user has access to log onto THAT box
and that directory.

i.e. on the remote box, using Explorer or file manager, share the directory
as "shared-dir", and make sure user "WebUser" has the desired access.

On the web server, set the IIS services to run as "WebUser" instead of as a
system service, and refer to the shared, remote dir as:


It may not weork, but its worth a try.