Re: Tandberg Panther 4600 and WangDat (Was Re: Tape Drive Needed)

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 18:19:09 -0700

Zak Wolfinger wrote:
> Is anyone using the Tandberg Panther 4600 with their NT Box? This seems to
> be in the right price range for what we need.
> Also, on the WangDat drives, the HCL (hardware compatibility list) shows
> the 3100 series and the 3400 series. Any reason that the 3200 series
> shouldn't work?

I use a WangTek 5200, and it didn't have support. I used the SDK to add
the ten or so lines of code to add the support.

The standard 4mmdat.sys driver from MS will ONLY work on EXACT matches
the models they support. The 3200 could be the exact as the 3100,
with Hadrware compression, and it still won't work with the standard

The mods were pretty simple, and I just mimiced another WangTek model
its great. I get about 17mb/sec write, and over 25mb/sec read.

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