More on Perl, NT, and Mail

Kirk Rogers ( )
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 18:30:11 -0700

So I got slammed a little for posting the first question on Perl in this
list but my feelings aren't to badly brused. So here goes another...BTW
I sent this to the Perl Mailing list as well but the discussion is more
at the programming code level than troubleshooting popular programs.

Just curious to know who out there is using " with Windmail"
and if anyone has gotten it to work correctly. I configured the
extensions to map to Perl-all .pl files map to Perl-and have entered the into the registry according to Microsoft's Knowledge Base. Both
Windmail and work individually but when called by a form
page from the IIS server, it launches both Windmail and perl-as seen
from Task Manager-but then just sits there with no response.
Does someone have a better freeware solution that can take a forms
output-generated by FrontPage97-and send it to a mail account
(Exchange)? I've tried wsendmail and it works OK, but the output is not
controlled. I would like to have the functionality of the popular
"" but again, cant seem to get it to work. Our configuration

Windows NT 4.0 sp1a
Exchange 5.0
IIS 3.0 with Active Server Pages
FrontPage 97

Any help would be appreciated.