Running services from Program Files folder

Andras Tudos - Computronic, C3 ( (no email) )
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 14:57:36 +0200

I have a serious problem:

One of our production NT4SP2 servers doesn't want to start services from
the c:\Program Files folder any more. It was running fine (with several
important services running from that folder), I was
installing/experimenting with Arcserve and Netscape News server and after a
restart it happened. The error message I get when starting any of these

Error 0193: %1 is not a valid Windows NT application

If I go into the registry and change the path of the service to "c:\Program
Files\...", then it works (or I can change them to c:\program~1\... as
well). But it did work before without the ""-s and it works on other
servers. What could cause this? I was researching this for several days and
have no idea. I tried to compare registries and looking at mskb, without
success. I even tried installing a new service into Program Files and it
doesn't work either (ONLY on this server!).

(Sorry for this repost from another list, but I got no solution there.)


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