Very Small ISP using Dial-Up

Humoud Otaibi ( )
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 00:46:23 +0300

I'm trying to set up a very small ISP using NT server 4.0 for
testing purposes. I have only one machine (running NT server 4.0, BIND,
IIS 3.0) and 4 modems. I have a dialup connection to my provider using
one of my modems (33.6K). I got a fixed IP address for this connection
from my provider (for example
Now my questions:
(1) Does RưAS handle all of these connections (one for dial-out to my
provider, three for dial-in users) ?
(2) What IP addresses can I give my dial-in users through RAS ? I do NOT
have any registered IP addresses and my provider is not giving me any.
Can I pick any random IP addresses (or use 192.168.x.x) ?
(3) How can I route my dial-in user's traffic through RAS to my provider
? I do NOT have router. Do I need SteelHead ?
Thanks for any help.