Mark A. Knight ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 11:14:39 -0700


I have RadiusNT installed and working fine on my machine. When it is =
started with Radius -x15 -A everything works just the way it is supposed =
to and I can get users logged in just fine. I recently installed =
Emerald to make my life a little easier. Emerald is installed and =
appears to be working fine. I can add users, do billing, and all that =
neat stuff. Problem is when I start radius with "radius -x15 -A -b -n =
Emerald" or "radius -x15 -A -b -n Radius" radius starts fine but can't =
find users in the Emerald database or the users file for that matter. I =
run the same query (below) in the SQL Enterprise Manager and it works =
fine and returns the correct results.

Select DateAdd(Day, ma.extension, maExpireDate),=20
DateAdd(Day, sa.extension, saExpireDate),
sa.AccountID, sa.AccountType, sa.Password, sa.Login, sa.Shell
From MasterAccounts ma, SubAccounts sa
Where (sa.Login=3D'Mark' or sa.Shell=3D'Mark') AND =
ma.CustomerID=3Dsa.CustomerID and sa.Active<>0 and MA.Active<>0

I am running Windows NT 4.0 Server, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, ODBC with =
32 bit driver & SQL Server ver 2.65.0213.

HELP! :(

Mark A. Knight
PC Express, Inc.
(602) 516-9284