Re: Charges

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 12:44:22 -0700

Ed Miller wrote:
> Ed Miller wrote:
> >
> > [Ed Miller] But while CHANGES had the hour glass up nothing would authenticate and nothing else could get in.
> You may want to find my post (sorry, it was somewhat long) on trimming
> your
> calls table and setting up yout tempdb before doing the charges,
> especially
> if you haven't do them before. [Ed Miller] WHERE?

I mentioned this to you once, but the quoting technique your software
is VERY difficult to follow. It actually took me a while to find out
your reply was, since there are now [Ed Miller] entries at many levels.
noticed someone else starting to do this. Could you PLEASE see if you
configure whatever software you are using to do traditional > in front
quoted text? It would help my sanity a lot. :)

Check the list archive at

> > [Ed Miller] Yes to run CHANGES. It ran in older versions, but
produced nothing, but hangs machine in 2.1.8 --
> I assume you meant charges on both of those? [Ed Miller] BOTH of what?

In your above replies you kept saying "CHANGES". Look four lines up.

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