Re: Mailsite
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 17:17:14 +0000


In replay to:
> Is there currently any intergration with Emerald, and if so, how does it
> seem to be working? Also, anyone using Metainfo's Sendmail with Emerald?
> If so, how ya like it?
> Dean

I use Emerald (sort of) with Sendmail.

I developed a system based on the Emerald databases and Radius,
using VB and SQL. In order to export the mail boxes to sendmail,
the system generates a file (passwd.txt) with the format needed by
sendmail., then I ftp the file (both programs are in different
machines), and restart the SMPT service.

I could not find a way to add users using Sendmail and the password
file, without restarting the service. It is only needed with the
SMPT, the pop3 service recognizes the changes inmmediatly.
The BIG problem is: Some times when you restart the server, it just
stop receiving any mail connections, so I have to restart the entire

If some one has another solution/comment, please email me.


Javier Contreras Albesa
Administrador del Sistema/System Administrator
Interamerican Net de Venezuela