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Add to that One per remote user who may be accessing the system from the
net AND will be "logging in" to NT Security to use system services. This
does NOT include remote users who access the site merely to use internet
services anonymously, only those who are authenticated by NT security.
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From: Mark A. Knight <>
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Subject: RE: NT CALs
Date: Sunday, April 06, 1997 9:57 PM

My understanding is you need a server license for each server and a client
license for each machine that accesses any given server. That would be one
per dial-up port and one per local machine accessing the server.

If I am wrong, someone please let me know.

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Subject: NT CALs

What exactly is the requirement for the number of licenses we need on our
NT servers as an ISP? One per dial-up port plus one for each local machine?
One for each local machine only?

Anyone know the answer?

Don James
CypressNet, LLC

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