RAS Server Monitoring Software

Tim Buchalka ( tim@newave.com.au )
Sun, 6 Apr 1997 13:39:44 +0930

I have written some software to poll the RAS ports on an NT file server.

Each user can be setup to be disconnected automatically after 2 hours of use
on a particular day
After 2 hours/day of use and after any additional pre-paid hours of time has expired
After pre-paid hours have expired.

Information on usage is recorded in a Microsoft Access database and a detailed log
(text) file is created for each day.

At midnight daily usage times are reset.

As an ISP I am using this primarily for client access to the internet.

I wrote the software over a week-end after been unable to find software to do this for

The finishing touches are being made to a freeware version incorporating this functionality.

I aim to release this version to this list any interested fellow NT ISP's.

In the future I may or may not release a commercial version. Time constraints will certainly
make this difficult for me.

I would be interested in any comments or suggestions as to additional functionality in such
a package. Perhaps other people may be interested in taking over such a project, or even
purchasing the product from me to produce a commercial version.

If you are interested in the freeware version, please e-mail me at rastool@newave.com.au with
details of your existing configuration.

Please post general comments/suggestions to the list for the benefit of all.

Any other correspondence can be addressed to me at tim@newave.com.au.

Thanks in Advance

Tim Buchalka
Newave Internet Services
Phone: (08) 8359 3331 Fax: (08) 8359 3332
E-Mail tim@newave.com.au