Re: NT 4.0 doesn't see upgraded RAM

Don R. James, Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 15:31:52 -0600

> >Does anyone have any idea why an Intel-based NT 4.0 SP2 (with the
> >hot-fixes) won't see the RAM I just added to the machine? This dual
> >Pentium-100 started with 64 MB and I upgraded it to 128, but NT still
> >sees 64 megs. The BIOS sees the 128 megs just fine, but NT doesn't. By
> >the way, the kernel hot-fix was installed for dual-processor mode...
> >
> >Any ideas why this might be happening?
> I answered this before. It is a bug in the motherboard/BIOS you're
> The POST test is using ONE method to determine the amount of RAM, and
> NT is calling another interrupt during the blue-screen count. That OTHER
> one that NT uses is BUGGY in your BIOS. The only way out is a new
> motherboard.

The only way out is may not have to be a new motherboard. Chances are you
can upgrade the flash ROM in the system with a later BIOS that correctly
implements the call that WinNT is trying to make. Check with the system
board vendor or BIOS vendor (if you know it) and see if there is an update

Don James