Re: bandwidth restrictions in II3

Eric Fagan ( (no email) )
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 22:14:35 -0700

That's the exact result I've gotten on 4 machines I've installed &
configured. I've not found a solution for it as of yet. Setting the
bandwith to any number made no difference whatsoever. It simply utilized
the maximum bandwidth available to the server.

Eric Fagan
pdq internet

> From: Karl Hamson <>
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> Subject: bandwidth restrictions in II3
> Date: Tuesday, March 25, 1997 2:28 PM
> NT server 4.0 with Microsoft's Internet Information
> Server 3.0 is supposed to have a feature which allows you to limit
> the amount of bandwith in its applications(HTTP,FTP). After
> configuring the server, we noticed whatever value placed in the
> bandwidth available made no difference. All attempts to download
> test files using this server allowed us to do so at the full capacity
> of the server and ethernet connection(tested at 600 KB/s even though
> the software was set to 8 KB/s!). Has anyone had a similar
> experiance?
> Karl Hamson / / Sage Networks Inc.
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