Re: suggestions for a local web-searching engine

Lee Levitt ( )
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 13:31:54 -0500

At 01:10 PM 3/24/97 -0500, Josh Hillman wrote:
>Does anyone have any suggestions on a searching engine for NT 4.0/ MS IIS

>Last week, I tried installing Excite's searching engine, but as soon as I
>tried to run the administrator (or config manager (whatever it was
>called)), it ran into some undescribed error (all 3 times that I installed

I had a similar problem when I installed Excite...I think it had to do with
proper directory specifications and forward slashes versus backward... It
took me about three tries to get it installed properly, as well, but once I
did, it's worked fine. Updates are reasonably easy and quick. (Bookmark the
admin page, and just run it weekly, or after major updates).

I've been wondering about using a single instance of the engine on multiple
virtual servers, which they say they support...but their help info is a
little cryptic here...just mentions URL mapping.

I'd recommend getting in touch with the people at Excite...they were
helpful when I contacted them, and the product works well.

Just my .02.


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