Virtual Private Network aka Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol aka Internet RAS

Ray Mosely ( )
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 15:32:13 -0600

I have finally got PPTP working.  Here's my setup in brief.

The remote network has two servers, one is NTS4.0 (BDC at ip the other is 
NTS3.51 (PDC at ip  The domain is DOMAIN01

The workstation dialing into the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is anNTS4.0 (PDC at ip yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy where the ip 
address is assigned by the ISP) using PPP and dial-up networking. The domain is DOMAIN02. (DOMAIN01 didn't work and caused a conflict.) This is an NTS for learning purposes, and could easily be a workstation(NTW) instead.

My questions in brief:

Why is the connection so sloooooooow?  Dial up monitor shows throughputof about 17 kbps using a 28.8 kbps connection
to the ISP.  17 k would be acceptable, but it is dumping all kindsof traffic over the modem.  Logging in remotely and per-
forming administrative tasks was painful.  2 minutes to add a userto the remote domain???  Is this a general RAS

Secondly,  in the remote domain, the NTS4.0 BDC at hasthe RAS, VPN, PPTP setup on it, not the NTS3.51
Primary Domain Controller/Server.  But I can't log onto it (the NTS4.0). However, I can log into the NTS3.51 computer.
What gives?  Are RAS services on one box under the control of thePDC? 

In brief, dialog is encouraged.  Any NT-ISP's set up to do PPTP? Etc.??

Thanks -- Ray