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Sun, 23 Mar 1997 10:31:36 -0500

The biggest mistake I see people make (and I did and took weeks to get
it right) is not having virtual domains at the same directory level in
the tree:


The second thing is to make sure you have all your permission ducks in a
row BEFORE you install the thing. Then DON'T add the extensions to all
your virtuals DURING the install but do them one at a time afterwards.
This way you can check your work along the way with the FPexplorer, and
add users/authors/administrators at that time.


Nolan W. Bailey, Jr. wrote:
> Anyone here running FrontPage 97 extensions on their web server?
> How secure is it when running FP extensions? I'm slightly concerned
> about letting users logon locally? I've noticed that the couple
> of systems that are running these extensions, it appear that is
> all they were running on that web server... by looking at their
> system's name. (such
> Anyone have any FP97 ext. tips or suggestions?
> (...especially concerning security.)
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