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Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 20:14:33 -0600

I believe if you read the entire document and the history of it you will
find that what they are talking about is a current issue that the telcos
are trying to get the ISP's to pay a interstate access charge just like
long distance carriers do now.. Long distance carriers pay 7 cents a minute
(I believe that is the correct rate) to carry their long distance service
over the backbone and the Telco's want us to pay the same rate...

Basically it will be voted down this time.. but you can bet that the
Telco's will keep pounding...

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> From: Mark Williamson <>
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> Subject: FCC access charges
> Date: Friday, March 21, 1997 7:43 PM
> Found some info, duh, at about the access charges issue.
> Interestingly, this is part of it:
> As part of this process, the Commission considered whether enhanced
> providers, such as ISPs, should be required to pay interstate access
> charges. The Commission tentatively concludes that ISPs should not be
> subject to access charges as currently constituted.
> notice it says 'not be subject'....of course that's tentative.
> after you read their web page, send your remarks about the issue to
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