RE: 3.0 is coming, and it isn't cheap!

Michael Riggs ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 Mar 97 21:55:46 UT

We dumped Post.Office long ago because of there ripoff pricing scheme! We
found a very cool program called Rockliffe MailSite and very reasonable in
price $395.00 (I think) unlimited......

Very cool, made for NT & 95..

They are at


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From: Jeff Woods
Sent: Monday, March 17, 1997 1:44 PM
Subject: 3.0 is coming, and it isn't cheap!

For those of you holding on to 2.0 unlimited keys you got when
you bought v1.9.3, and think they've gone up in value (as Dale said his
did), think again.

Today, contacted me to participate in their usability tests
based on my recent contacts with them regarding the spammer hole and some
other ideas I'd given them.

In essence, they're saying no, and forcing me to buy an expensive upgrade
that STILL may not solve all my problems with spammers. The forthcoming
4.0 upgrade will include 400 boxes for 1.9.3 customers -- it will NOT be
unlimited! You'll have to purchase them at AT LEAST $2 a head beyond that
400, with them throwing you a bone of a 25% discount through May 31st.
Very nice of them, eh?

I have more than 400 Email boxes now as it is, and the price difference to
get as many as I need is far more than buying NTMail with unlimited
licenses outright, and switching over. I suspect most of you still using
2.0 from your 1.9.3 licenses and wanting to upgrade are in the same boat. just made a major blunder, considering that is
flawed performance wise as it is compared to NTMail. I was sticking with
them based on the investment I already had, but if I'm going to be forced
by them into a per mailbox price scheme ANYWAY, for a fix they took FAR too
long to produce (if Microsoft can plug security holes in 48 hours, then
surely could at least ANNOUNCE a forthcoming fix and release
date that quickly), then they're dead in the water.

So, folks, please keep this in mind when you are looking for your mail
server packages. just priced themselves out of the market,
and I can no longer recommend them as a viable Email platform, whether it
integrates with Emerald or not.

NTMail, here I come.

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