Re: Cold Fusion w/ IIS 3.0

Kym Kovan ( )
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 09:46:21 +1000

Hi Jeff,

>I have a client who wants to integrate an MS Access database with his web
>pages on our IIS 3.0 server using FrontPage 97.
>Does anyone here have this sort of thing working now, and how do your
>clients like it? I'm not looking for details on HOW at this time -- the
>client wants to know if Cold Fusion and Access are the appropriate tools to
>use for their application (an online catalog of about 2,000 items).

We have a user database that we do our work from on our Intranet, using Cold
Fusion, of about 24,000 clients and a further 8,000 distributors. The old
admin system used Access and it bogs on the the big databases. My Cold
Fusion side uses SQL and it flies along, a much better choice for big numbers.

You have to use an HTML editor that understands .cfm files, HotDog is OK, it
ignores the <CF...> tags, HomeSite is much better, it has the knowlege built
in, I've got it open right now doing some editing.

>If anyone would give a reference via Email, please let me know, or send E-mail
>directly to the client (Chris) at

Sorry, our site is all an Intranet, not visible from the outside. Allaire's
site has some links to good Cold Fusion driven sites around the world, try them.

Kym Kovan

First Net (Internet Services)
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