Re: Wierd Emerald install problem

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 27 May 1997 10:47:20 -0700

Kurt Schafer wrote:
> I installed Emerald on my machine and all appears well except that the
> 'Services' table in the Emerald Administrator is totally blank (No
> services, or ADD buttons etc)
> Likewise, when I load up the Emerald Client, the first screen is also
> blank.
> Looking at the SQL database, the tables are populated with the default
> services. I've tried removing and re-installing Emerald several times
> but
> always the same result.
> Intel NT 4.0 sp2, and SQL 6.5+sp2 from the MS Visual Studio CD's that
> you get with developer network membership.

Actually, its the VS install that did it. The 5.0 version of the tab
that comes with many of the VS components displays this problem when
with Emerald 2.1.11 or lower. The Emerals 2.2 build is based on the
version of the table control and corrects the problem.

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