Re: Re-print a sent invoice

Pat Augustine ( )
Tue, 20 May 1997 19:41:35 -0400

>> One feature I'd like to see added to a future Emerald is the ability to
>> re-print an invoice that's already been marked as sent.
>> Currently if you try, it comes out blank. I have to go into SQL, change
>> the sentdate, print it, change the sentdate back.
>> Not a big deal, but when people call and say they've lost their bill or
>> never got it, it'd be nice to be able to send them another.
>> Unless there's an easier way to do that now and I've somehow overlooked
>Check out the Emerald documentation section on printing a singe invoice at
>the following URL.

Well, if that worked, it would be great, but actually trying it shows that
it prints a blank invoice form with no data on it. Even on the Web page it
shows the Sentdate to be blank in the example. Printing when Sentdate is
blank works, but you can't print if the invoice has been sent.
I just tried it to make sure I wasn't missing something.

Pat Augustine
Interlink America